The Startup Slam 2019 Call for Speakers is officially open! We invite developers, entrepreneurs, and designers to submit a proposal by July 21, 2019. Sessions will be 60 minutes in length and have a hands-on focus. Choose from a lecture or workshop format for your session. We look forward to seeing what you’re passionate about!  

Sessions should focus on:

  • Hands-on learning

  • Lessons learned from real-world problem solving

  • Sessions you would want to attend yourself! 

Sessions will be categorized according to 4 themes:

Fundamentals: Introduction to basic technical tools, programming best practices and programming languages.
Audience: Computer Science and Engineering students, high school students, beginner programmers

Advanced Development: The stuff you can’t Google.  Advanced technologies and talks about solving real-world technical problems. Lessons learned from failed experiments and projects work well here.
Audience: Professional developers and advanced Computer Science and Engineering students

Entrepreneurship: Introduction to building companies, apps, and products. How to assess customer feedback, market traction, MVP, and general business sense.
Audience: Computer Science, Engineering, and Business/Commerce students, developers and emerging entrepreneurs

Product and Design: Best practices and strategies around design concepts, tools, and implementation.
Audience: Computer Science, Engineering, Business/Commerce, and Design students, developers and emerging entrepreneurs