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Sendwithus created StartupSlam to showcase Victoria’s burgeoning tech sector and provide insightful and informative workshops to young professionals. In 2014, the University of Victoria hosted the first StartupSlam and were joined by 60 attendees. Last year, over 350 students, developers, and entrepreneurs came together to share ideas, knowledge, and expertise.

StartupSlam 2017 will be bigger and better with the addition of a design track. Workshops will be offered on startup engineering, early stage entrepreneurship, and product validation and design.




Workshop Tracks



Intro to Tech

Introduction to basic and necessary technical tools, programming best practices and introduction to new programming languages.

Audience: 1st/2nd year Computer Science and Engineering students, beginner programmers, and curious professionals.


Advanced Tech

Introduction to higher level technologies that build on basic Computer Science and Software Engineering knowledge such as Architecture Design, Databases, Scaling Systems, and API implementation. 

Audience: 3rd/4th year Computer Science and Engineering students and developers.



Introduction to building companies, apps, and products. How to assess customer feedback, market traction, MVP, and general business sense.

Audience: Computer Science, Engineering, and Business/Commerce students, developers and emerging entrepreneurs.



Best practices and strategies around design concepts, tools, and implementation. 

Audience: Computer Science, Engineering, Business/Commerce, and Design students, developers and emerging entrepreneurs.


Talk to an expert

Have an idea you want to bring to fruition? Talk to investors, founders, and startup legal experts one-on-one about how to found a startup by booking a 10 minute session at registration. Space is limited, so book early to take advantage!

Talk to an Expert appointments will be available from 12:30-1:00 and 2:30-3:00


Startup founders:


Angel Investors


Technical & Early Stage Development:


startup Legal:



8:00 - 9:00


9:00 - 10:00


Keynote Presentation - Building a Meaningful Career in Tech
(ECS 123)

Join panelists for a discussion about what drove them to pursue careers in tech and the challenges they experienced along their journey in the industry.


10:30 - 12:00

Workshop Session

  • Aurora Walker - Dr. Bash, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Command Line (ECS 116)
  • Izaak Schroeder - Using Elasticsearch and Kibana for Data-driven Analytics (ECS 123)
  • Michele Macklin - Usability Testing: Testing Early and Often (ECS 124)
  • Adam Cowley - Criteria For My Next Startup (ECS 125)


  • Talk to an Expert - Have an idea you want to bring to fruition? Talk to investors, founders, and startup legal experts one-on-one about how to found a startup by booking a 10 minute session at registration. Space is limited, so book early to take advantage! 

*Appointments and Registration outside of ECS 104 and 108

12:00 - 1:00

1:00 - 2:30

Workshop Session

  • Aashni Shah - How To Prep for the Job Hunt (ECS 125)
  • John Oram - Lessons Learned Storing 30 Million Records an Hour (ECS 123)
  • Miriam Thomas - Mapping User Experiences (ECS 124)
  • Bob Warwick - We're Still Here - A Practical Guide to Failing (ECS 116)


  • Talk to an Expert Have an idea you want to bring to fruition? Talk to investors, founders, and startup legal experts one-on-one about how to found a startup by booking a 10 minute session at registration. Space is limited, so book early to take advantage!

*Appointments and Registration outside of ECS 104 and 108

2:30 - 3:00

Workshop Session

  • Hayden Waring - Git Gud: Why Version Control? (ECS124)
  • Laura Cooper - Exploring Animation with CSS3 (ECS 125)
  • Amanda Healey - Practical Design Tips for Non-Designers (ECS 116)
  • Andrew Seipp - Let Data Tell the Story: Using User Analytics to Build a Kick Ass Product (ECS 123)

3:00 - 4:30




Aurora Walker

Bambora | LinkedIn


Intro to Tech

Dr Bash, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Command Line

One of the secret shames that I carried for years was how awkward I was on the command line. Basic familiarity with your terminal is a must for all professional development jobs, and is a critical pre-requisite skills when it comes to using tools like git or interacting with servers in a cloud environment. There is no reason to be scared or ashamed! In this workshop, we will have an honest discussion about basic useful command line tools, how and why they work, and resources to grow your own knowledge and skills. If you hide your monitor any time you have to ssh into a server, or scp some files, this workshop is for you! If you attended a previous git workshop and got stuck because you had trouble with ls and cd, this workshop is for you! If you don't quite know what those words in the previous sentence mean, but want to, then this workshop is for you!

This workshop will focus on using the bash shell (the default on MacOS) and will be most useful to Linux and Mac users. Windows users who wish to attend are encouraged to install the bash shell command line tool in advance.



Hayden Waring

Flytographer | LinkedIn


Intro to Tech

Git Gud: Why Version Control?

Writing great code requires building great habits. For many new developers, using git can seem more of a chore than a blessing. This workshop focuses on how leveraging version control can make your life better.

Have you ever done any of the following?

  • Broken your code beyond repair?
  • Delayed a feature because of unrelated code?
  • Lost code in your git stash?
  • Been interrupted in the middle of a task and committed one massive, ugly commit?
  • Overwritten something and now you can’t get it back?

This workshop is about building good habits, so you can build better software.



Aashni Shah

Microsoft | LinkedIn

Intro to Tech

How To Prep for the Job Hunt

The Job Hunt is no easy task, and with the increasing number of students graduating with degrees in Computer Science and Engineering, competition for the best and brightest has only increased. Acing your interview is the final step in the process, but there's a lot of other necessary steps that you need to complete before you can even get to the interview stage. This talk will focus on that prep work such as building up your resume through hackathons, open source and side projects, how to brand yourself through your resume and elsewhere online, and how to get your resume in front of recruiters to actually get that first round interview.



Laura Cooper

LeapXD | LinkedIn

Advanced Tech

Exploring Animation with CSS3

Have you ever come across a website with a super awesome effect and wondered how they did that? Many of these effects are actually created using only CSS3!

CSS is critical for determining the way a website should look, and though basic styling with CSS has been around for many years now, there were a ton of features introduced in CSS3 that many developers aren’t even aware of! One of these features is the ability to add animation to HTML elements such as text, buttons, and images. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to utilize CSS3 to add incredible effects to your website to make it unique, dynamic and engaging.

You will get the most out of this workshop if you have at least a small amount of prior experience with basic CSS, but this is not absolutely necessary.



John Oram

Sendwithus | LinkedIn

Advanced Tech

Lessons Learned Storing 30 Million Records an Hour

This talk will explain how Sendwithus built a microservice to store billions of records, all while maintaining high write throughput and realtime querying. We’ll review the experiments we tried, pitfalls we encountered, and lessons we learned, as well as the tech we chose and the optimizations they provided to our current system.



Izaak Schroeder

MetaLab Designs | LinkedIn

Advanced Tech

Using Elasticsearch and Kibana for Data-driven Analytics

Analytics are important to almost every aspect of a modern app: health monitoring, fraud detection, performance optimization, user retention - the list is endless. This workshop will teach you how to build a simple analytics platform  and  provide you with a taste of ElasticSearch and Kibana, both of which power thousands of real analytics platforms every day.

Our simple analytics platform will include: setting up ElasticSearch, providing mechanisms for ingesting analytics events, exploring the ingested events using Kibana, and generating queries to provide insights into the events. Finally we'll bring it all together by creating a basic dashboard to display all the information to user.

No specific domain knowledge is required, but being comfortable with REST APIs and the command line will be a definite asset. Knowledge of React/CSS will help you make fancier dashboards.



Miriam Thomas

MetaLab Designs | LinkedIn


Mapping User Experiences

Come learn a design framework used to unpack the highs and lows of user experiences. You'll get hands-on practice creating an experience map for a service or industry you know well. This tool can be used to understand what users value and where you can focus effort to make the biggest difference to your users.



Michele Macklin

Abebooks | LinkedIn


Usability Testing: Testing Early and Often

Learn how to conduct usability testing to evaluate your designs and prototypes, helping to identify issues early and create a product that meets the needs and expectations of your users.

What you will learn:

  • Benefits of testing
  • Various usability testing methods
  • How to write testing scenarios
  • Conducting tests
  • How to analyze the results


Amanda Healey

Stembolt | LinkedIn


Practical design tips for non-designers

We often hear “Should designers code?” but rarely “Should developers design?”  In this workshop you will learn how to make objective, data-driven design decisions when your designer isn’t handy, and open up the conversation with them when they are.



Adam Cowley

Rooof | LinkedIn


Criteria For My Next Startup

Adam has spent the last twelve years starting software companies.  From six-figure face-plants to seven-figure profits and a few soft landings he's made a list of things that he'll look for in his next startup.



Bob Warwick

Whole Punk Creators | LinkedIn


We're Still Here - A Practical Guide to Failing

Whole Punk Creators is turning 5! Bob will walk through some of the screw-ups, how they relate to what he should have learned in school, and how the company survived anyway. 


Andrew Seipp

Audience Pipe | LinkedIn


Let Data Tell the Story: Using User Analytics to Build a Kick Ass Product

Using user data is the fastest way to fuel growth, reduce customer churn, and increase the lifetime value of customers. Most importantly, it helps you identify where the friction in your user onboarding process and immediately take action to drive users to being successful with your product.

Best of all, this information is free, but all too often, entrepreneurs and marketers get overwhelmed with the amount of data to pick through and have trouble drawing any conclusions or taking meaningful action. This talk goes beyond just using Google Analytics and does a deep dive into the tools and tactics you can use to collect, analyze and ultimately how to take automated actions based on your user's activity in a scalable and scientific way



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