Learn real technology from real startups.

Startup Slam is a one day series of technical workshops hosted by leaders in the Victoria startup community. Sign up and learn what programming for a startup is actually like!

Workshops are free to attend and highly interactive - you'll be actually coding, and mentors from great startups will be around to help you out. Topics range from MVP & Prototyping to Advanced Game Networking!

It all happens on October 1st, 2016 and students and developers of all skill levels are invited to attend. Lunch, snacks, and coffee will be provided to keep you energized throughout the day.


Anyone who can code, wants to learn, or is interested in the world of tech startups. This includes students from the University of Victoria, Camosun College, Vancouver Island University and Royal Roads University.

You don't have to be a student to attend! Everyone is welcome.

Developers and mentors from many awesome local startups, tech companies, and community groups will be around to hand out swag, help you debug, and answer your questions.


Because coding assignments and personal projects are very different from coding in the wild. We want to bridge the gap between what it means to learn to program, and what it means to actually create software customers get excited about.

You'll also have the opportunity to meet local startup founders and their early employees, people who've actually built meaningful startups from the ground up.


Junior Technical Track
Intro to Git 11:00 AM
Aurora Walker & Gyanesh Mishra - Pretio Interactive

Ever worked on a group project only to have your feature overwritten by someone else on the team and wish they'd disappear?

Have no fear, Git is here! It won’t make your teammates disappear but it will allow everyone to work on the same code at the same time without stepping on each others toes.

If you don’t know what Git is or heard about it once in a bedtime story, this workshop is for you! We’ll do a full introduction on the basics so that Git is your new best friend for every project you do.

Write Tests: No Seriously: Write Tests 1:00 PM
Clarke Brunsdon - Stembolt

Why you should write tests, why new developers should start writing tests, why senior developers tell you to write tests, and why you're probably going to ignore tests until it's too late.

Using React JS for the First Time 3:00 PM
Jason Michael - Checkfront

Yet another javascript library... why is it different? Who should use it? How do you to hit the ground running?

This workshop will focus on basic concepts of using React and what you need to know before you start.

Advanced Technical Track
The Effect Monad for Fun & Profit 11:00 AM
Izaak Schroeder - Metalab

Learn how using the effect monad to decouple the side effects of your application from your business logic can make development safer, easier to compose, easier to reason about, and easier to test.

Includes practical web API examples in Elixir.

Audio Visualization with WebSockets 1:00 PM
Anthony Theocharis & Stewart Lord - Workday

Participants will be given a thin Javascript & HTML UI which renders a spectrum analysis for an audio stream, and will be connecting this UI to a server that will provide an audio stream via WebSocket.

UDP Networking for Games 3:00 PM
Dylan Gedig & Brandon Duncan - Red Nexus Games

Ever wonder exactly what happens over the network when you get that sweet headshot? Or how racing and fighting games are able to keep in sync when every single frame is important?

This workshop will discuss the use of TCP and UDP in games, will walk through how to ensure important packets make it to the other side, and will end with a hands-on workshop getting game messages sending between participants' computers.

Entrepreneurship Track
Prototype & MVP Development 11:00 AM
Bob Warwick - Whole Punk Creators

Learn what makes a minimum viable product both 'minimal' and 'viable'. After a short talk, we'll pick a volunteer from the audience and workshop to help refine their idea.

Product Management: Startup vs. Enterprise 1:00 PM
Sean Daniel - FTS Inc.

Come and learn about the dynamic role of product management and how it applies to startups and enterprises alike. In this session we'll cover the high level ins and outs of product management and leveraging real-world stories from over a decade at Microsoft to explain how Product Management can be quite different in a startup versus the enterprise.

The Art of Giving a Sh*t 3:00 PM
Will Fraser - Referral Saasquatch

How successful entrepreneurs use passion as a unifying goal across their organizations. This workshop will focus on how to build culture, the founding team, and creating a shared vision.

Side Project Swag

Have a side project? Want to show it off and win prizes?

Visit the "Side Project Side Table" throughout the day and enter your amazing side project for a chance to win awesome prizes and swag!

Entrants will spend 5-10 minutes walking a reviewer through the technical details of their project. Verified side projects will be entered into a raffle for prizes.

Side Project Swag is sponsored by

Profile Pic Photobooth

Local startup Flytographer will be running a professional photobooth throughout the event. Attendees are welcome to stop by during the afternoon and get a headshot taken by a professional photographer - great for use on your portfolio, resume, and social media accounts.

Profile Pic Photobooth is sponsored by



Registration & Coffee
ECS Lobby


ECS 123


Session One
ECS 123, ECS 125, ECS 116


Lunch Break
ECS Lobby


Session Two
ECS 123, ECS 125, ECS 116


Session Three
ECS 123, ECS 125, ECS 116


Closing Comments and Prizes
ECS 123


Drinks & After Party
To Be Announced


University of Victoria
Engineering and Computer Science Building
First Floor